A Civil Function

14 Jul

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A few shots from Tom Hodge’s 70th birthday party at a his home near Whittersham in Kent. It was a civilised affair, Tom’s friends and family were treated to champagne in the garden and a leisurely lunch followed by a tea dance with a jazz band in a marquee. I was lurking paparazzi-style around the property and playing back the pictures as I shot them through a projector, an equally satisfying and frustrating situation as although I could see I’d got a few good shots, it leaves no time for the all important editing process.


Primary Ballerinas

6 Jul

I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to photograph my daughter’s school ballet class last week. In the first shot with the teacher, she’s the cheeky one lying down second from the right. They’re a feisty bunch but  with the inspirational and authoritative Mrs Gunn at the helm, they behaved and danced immaculately. I’m not sure exactly why their male classmates weren’t involved but as you can see in the last pic, they were completely transfixed.

The Wild West of East Sussex

29 Jun

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Some of the cowboys and cowgirls from Tim Henderson’s 50th party in Buxted. They were mainly an authentic looking bunch especially considering we were in a tent in a muddy Sussex field. It’s an enduring theme and a look that people of all ages seem to be able to carry off with ease. However, the western feel, lost it’s way a bit, later in the evening with performances from a Take That cover band and a Michael Jackson impersonator from Britain’s Got Talent.

Cat Woman

22 Jun

Actress, dancer and children’s tv presenter Sarah-Jane Honeywell at home with Gandulph, one of her 3 cats. What a nice lady! As well as fronting ZingZillas on Cbeebies and supporting the Dogs Trust she’s a big football fan and has a column in Well Red, the Bristol City FC match day programme. She’s also the only person I’ve ever met who merchandises their own doll. Now that’s an idea, but is there a market for soft toy versions of bald middle-aged men.

Lots more about Sarah-Jane including the doll here: www.sarah-jane.biz

Down On The Intensive Farm

10 Jun

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A few shots from Watts Farms in Kent. They grow and supply herbs, salad leaves and various exotic vegetables for supermarkets and restaurants. It’s a fascinatingly high-tech set-up where skilled, mainly nepalese pickers and packers can earn up to £1000 per week and ways of growing popular fashionable crops, that you wouldn’t expect to be grown near the M25, are researched and quickly put into practice.

Never Mind The Bullocks

1 Jun

While enjoying a bit of rural family R&R in Somerset yesterday, I was asked if I had any nice farm shots to show a potential client. So camera in hand and hope in my heart, I climbed over the gate into the nearest field and got some shots of a distant herd of farmyard beasts. They seemed interested in me though, and moved closer with increasing speed. Shouting at them made them stop for a few seconds and I got this picture but after this seemingly serene moment, they charged and I fled back to the gate skidding in cow pats, all dignity lost.

Yoga With Ancona

23 May

Part 1 in the series “Keep Fit With Impressionists”.  Here is scottish actress and impressionist Ronni Ancona at home with her more serene but equally charming and easy on the eye yoga teacher Tara.

The Hardest Hit

18 May

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Parkinsons UK assigned me to cover their participation in The Hardest Hit rally against cuts in disability benefits. It turned out to be the biggest gathering of disabled people ever in this country. I met some really inspiring people, It was a great day and a truely worthwhile cause. The lady in the wheelchair here was the real star of the show!




9 May

My grumpy daughter. She’s now 5 and a half and still doesn’t really like daddy taking her picture.

Alan And Peat

27 Apr

TV gardener and chat show host Alan Titchmarsh shot for The Times. Alan is currently embroiled in a row over peat which has split older against younger gardeners. Conservation minded younger gardeners like Alys Fowler are against the use peat compost as it comes from centuries-old bogs and digging it up releases greenhouse gasses and ruins wildlife habitats. However, Titchmarsh says he will carry on using peat until a “perfect substitute” is found.